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4/18/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "A New Commandment" - anonymous 

4/21/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Alive Forevermore!" - T. Fettke 

11/25/2018 French River Ringers  "All Night, All Day" S.Geschke 

3/24/2019   "Amazing Grace" arr. L. Page 

5/19/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Amazing Grace/Pachelbel's Canon" 

12/23/2018 FR Ringers  "Carol of the Bells" 

3/3/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Come Find Forgiveness & Love" Price/Besig 

12/9/2018 FRLC Senior Choir; Paul Peterson, director  "Come to Us, Emmanuel" RE Schram 

11/5/2018 FRLC Senior Choir (& congregation, final verse)  "Come, Come Ye Saints" -W. Clayton 

5/19/2019 Pr. Mark Peters  "Crash!" (sermon only) 

11/25/2018 French River Ringers (bell choir)  "Day by Day" D.Wagner and "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" J.Behnke 

4/28/2019 French River Ringers  "Easter Bells" 

11/18/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "For the Autumn Sky" RE Schram 

11/20/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "For the Autumn Sky" RE Schram 

9/9/2018   "Forever Young" Don Schraufnagel 

5/19/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Go Now in Love and Peace" 

3/17/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "God Is Calling Us" - N. Sleeth 

10/7/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "God's Work" -Price/Besig 

4/14/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Hosanna to the King!" arr. L. Larson 

10/14/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "I'm New-Born Again" arr. D.Hustad 

12/2/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "Is Your Heart Prepared for a King?" R.Lau 

12/24/2018 FR Ringers  "Joy to the World!" 

12/23/2018 FRLC Senior Choir  "Joy, A Carol Cantata for Christmas" 

3/6/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Lamb of God" F. Melius Christiansen 

12/24/2018 FR Ringers  "Let There Be Peace On Earth" 

5/5/2019 FRLC Senior Choir  "Look to the Cross" RE Schram 

10/28/2018 French River Ringers  "Lord, I Lift Your Name On High" Founds/Bettcher 

4/28/2019 French River Ringers  "O Worship the King" 

12/23/2018 FR Ringers  "Pat-a-Pan" 

5/26/2019 David Fiebiger, organist  "Romance" D.Shostakovich  

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Showing records 1 through 30.