Good Gifts
Good Gifts: For any occasion

What are ELCA Good Gifts? These are gifts of animals, supplies, water, and education-- gifts that provide a better future for families living in poverty. 

ELCA Good Gifts are a special way you can help make a significant impact on the mission and ministries of our church while giving a gift to a friend, pastor, teacher, secret prayer partner, neighbor or other loved one at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's/Father's Day, graduation, Confirmation, First Communion...any special event.

ELCA Good Gifts are part of a catalog of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Check it out at, outside the church secretary's office, or in the narthex. 

After you've completed your ELCA Good Gifts shopping, visit for cards for creative ways to announce your gift. Announcement cards are also available at church. If you'd rather not order by Internet, gifts can be placed through the postal service or by phone. The church secretary will be happy to help you. 

Good gifts are part of ELCA World Hunger Appeal and receive no funds from ELCA benevolence gifts. Your Social Ministry Committee