Scholarship Fund
FRLC Post-Secondary Youth Scholarship Fund
A scholarship fund has been established for high school graduates of FRLC who will be attending a college or university. Since the origin of the fund in 2010, FRLC has made $23,000 available to the graduates of our congregation.

Scholarship certificates are given to the graduates as part of our annual congregational recognition of graduates. Then, upon receipt of appropriate school registration information and student I.D., our congregational treasurer will issue a check ($500) and send it directly to the school or institution where the student is enrolled, for crediting to his or her account. 
The graduate must complete and submit the scholarship application no later than May 1 of the year the student graduates from high school to be eligible for the scholarship, even if the student defers college for one year. Awards will be equal and are not based on particular merit or need. Additional information is available in the church office.

The graduate must meet the following requirements to be eligible:
  1. Be a confirmed Lutheran.
  2. Be a member of French River Lutheran Church.
  3. Attend FRLC church services at least an average of once per month. To document attendance, students must sign the bulletin for the FRLC church service they attended and place the bulletin in their personal scholarship envelope located in the Youth mail slot just outside of the church office. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their signed bulletin is in the envelope. Students must attend a minimum of 12 services beginning June 1st.
  4. Submit the scholarship application no later than May 1.
The funds for the scholarships are generated from the principle earnings in the fund. The long-term goal of the fund is to increase the principle amount so the awarded scholarships can be increased. If you are interested in contributing to this program to support our youth, designate your donation or memorial to the FRLC Scholarship Fund.
JEL 9/19

FRLC Post-Secondary Youth Scholarship Fund
Application Form
______ I am interested in receiving a FRLC Post-Secondary Youth Scholarship in 2020.
______ I am a member of FRLC.
______ I am confirmed within the ELCA.  Church name and year ________________________
______ I have been attending FRLC church services (at least once per month average in past year). (Office verify number of signed bulletins submitted _______. Must be minimum of 12)
---------------------------------------------- Student Name (print)
---------------------------------------------- Student Name (signature)
---------------------------------------------- Parent’s Signature
Application form should be submitted to the FRLC office no later than May 1.
Approvals (must be approved by all three individuals)
---------------------------------------------- FRLC Office Manager            Date ------------------
---------------------------------------------- FRLC Pastor                           Date ------------------
---------------------------------------------- Scholarship Fund Chair            Date ------------------
After the application has been reviewed and approved, the chairperson will provide a copy of the approved application to the church office, FRLC Treasurer, and the student. The student will also receive a scholarship certificate to complete so the scholarship payment can be made.