Activities Request Form

Please note the following:
  • Requests which ask for funding may require Council approval. The Council normally meets the second Tuesday of every month. If working with a committee and funds are within the budget, Council approval may not be needed.
  • If your proposed activity is approved, you or someone associated with your request may be asked to speak in prior to the activity at a worship service, and write a short description of that activity for the monthly church newsletter.
  • Turn in your request to the church office.
  • The pastor, church admin, council president or committee chairman will inform you in a timely manner if your request has been approved or denied.
  • During preparation be sure access to the church before and after the event has been addressed with the office or committee.
Benevolence Election Form
This form is to be used to select a non-ELCA benevolence choice. If you wish you may use this form to affirm the use of a portion of your offering to be given to the ELCA. Funds deflected from the ELCA will be put ina "Good Samaritan Fund" and a committee will decide on the distribution. This represents a 3-4% share of each person's offering. Non-election will result in distribution to the ELCA.

This application must be submitted to the church office no later than May 1 of the student's year of graduation from high school.  Be sure to include all other required documentation. SEE THE "SCHOLARSHIP FUND" UNDER THE "MINISTRIES" TAB FOR COMPLETE DETAILS.

321 Reflection Sheet for Youth Scholarship Application 

The 3-2-1 Reflection and bulletin must be submitted to your FRLC Postsecondary Scholarship envelope within four weeks of the service.

GET ACQUAINTED Form/home/180019402/180019402/Images/Get Acquainted Form 4.11.20 final.pdf
Help update church records by returning this to the office as soon as possible.  Thank you!


We are taking orders again this year for Scandinavian Fest!  Orders are filled first-come and are due by November 29. Please see The Parables November edition and/or upcoming bulletins.