Welcome to a new church year! Our FRLC Faith Enrichment Committee has been on the go and meeting throughout the Summer. After much discernment, visiting other confirmation programs in other churches, and listening to parents we are excited to announce a new curriculum in the Christian faith and Lutheran tradition by “Faith Inkubators.” The choice was not easy … but once we looked at all the available resources the choice was clear and unanimous. A sample curriculum will be available to review on Rally Sunday. Please also see the overview provided by the Faith Enrichment Committee in this newsletter.
Because what happens at church shouldn’t stay at church…
“It’s time for a serious system overhaul of traditional confirmation and junior high youth ministry. We must shift from a focus on information to a focus on faith formation. We need to shift from teaching classes at church to building communities of faith at church and home. We challenge the traditional teacher-led, lecture based, drop-off children, youth and family ministry systems and replace them with a whole-brain, hands-on, parent-involved, arts and Scripture based, relational model. Then we mix in some music, drama, technology and fun, and continually ask for feedback about what’s working, what’s not working and how we can make our resources even better.” Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim, founder of Faith Inkubators ministry system (including Head to Heart Confirmation Ministry & Faith5).

GOAL for Faith5 and our new “Cross-Gen” (Cross Generational) curriculum:  
  • Bible literacy
  • Kids excited about God
  • Increased parent involvement
  • Renewed leader enthusiasm
  • Stronger family relationships
Parents and extended family are the primary incubators of faith in their kids’ lives. The church serves as the reinforcement – not replacement – of the parents’ responsibilities. We want church to become the place that lights the spark to get true family ministry started. We want the home to be the place where faith is incubated (inkubated) and nurtured.
Families will receive a copy of “Holding Your Family Together: 5 simple steps to help bring your family closer to God and each other” on Rally Sunday. This is the core teaching for the launch of our new Faith5 curriculum. If you’re feeling ambitious you can get started by reading the book introduction and then begin the faith practices immediately with your family. Stay tuned for more information and a schedule for Wednesday evening meetings (with a nutritious meal for the whole family) starting in October. A sample curriculum will be available to review on Rally Sunday.

French River Lutheran Faith Formation
Welcome…We are excited to see you! 
This year, we are introducing a connected approach to faith formation both here at church and at home. 
Sunday School-  will see a modified schedule this year and incorporate a “Cross+Gen” (cross- generational) approach and use of a new curriculum we call “Bible Song.”  We will be introducing the “Good News” both in our church services and via small group sessions with our kids.  Look to our church schedule, as the traditional Sunday School offerings may look a little different than in previous years and may be dependent on our volunteer band-width.
Faith5-  On Wednesday’s in October, we will be introducing the Faith5 course based on the book by Rich Melheim (2013) “Holding Your Family Together.”  It’s a simple, effective and nightly family ritual helping to tie what is taught at church to what is lived at home, with parents on the front lines of their child’s faith formation.  Elements of Faith5 interconnect to our planned Faith Formation curriculums on Sundays, Wednesdays and in Confirmation classes.
Head to the Heart-  Later this Fall, you will begin to hear more about our new 3- year faith formation program for grades 7-9.  Students currently in the the 9th grade will be confirmed in the Fall of 2020. This approach includes small group ministry with parental involvement. Over 90 customizable lessons using the Bible as the main textbook. Tools for learning include: Music, PowerPoint presentations, art, skits, stories, and cartoons. As this approach deepens, we will also be pairing caring Christian adult mentors or "guides" with youth.  Stay tuned as this will begin in November, on Wednesday evenings.  
Team Volunteers-  we are looking for adults and youth who want to embark on this new team-based journey with us into supporting our youth and families with Faith5, Cross+Gen Bible Song and Head to the Heart.  Please contact Pastor Mark or Beth at your earliest convenience.  All volunteers will gather on Sunday, Sept 29th, after church, for a brief orientation session to materials and curriculum planning.  Only have a few hours that you feel comfortable dedicating?  That is ok!  Join us anyways! 
We look forward to an exciting and fulfilling journey this year with renewed focus on faith formation here at church and at home!
Pastor Mark, Beth Hendrickson and our FRLC Faith Enrichment team.
 Other Opportunities:
Faith Enrichment Committee meetings.  The next one is Sunday, September 22 before church 8:30-9:45am  (worship begins at 10:00 AM).  Kids and Adults-  please join us!
ASSISTANT TO THE MINISTER…yes, you may all do this!  Please speak with Pr. Mark or contact the office to pick a date.   
ACOYLTE…training to provide this service is available.  Contact Pr. Mark or the office with your interest.
FUNDRAISING this year…yes, we’ll be doing some!  Why?
*  We want to provide activities for Youth so contributing to our checking account will lower costs to families.
*  We want to send Youth to the Middle School Gathering and Cardia Deo.
*  We want to help get kids to camp.
*  We’re all in this together, supporting one another, and having fun together!
We are glad to grow together in Christ with you!

In case you missed it, here's the 2019-20 registration: