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FRLC office: 218.525.5659
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Office hours: vary but generally 9:00am-12:30pm, Monday and Thursday; please call ahead if you plan a visit to the office.

Pastor - Reverend Kimberly Sturtz
Administrative Assistant - Tiffany Lefler-Zifko
Bell Choir Director - Elda Hein
Bookkeeper - Shelly Peterson
Choir Director - David Fiebiger
Custodian - Doug Compton
Financial Secretary - Kay Libby
Organists - David Fiebiger, Mary Ann Sironen
Treasurer - Barb Jackson

Volunteer leaders for:

FRLC Executive Council:  
  Rolf Carlson, president
  Ken Peterson, vice-president
  Sheila Leppala, secretary 

Additional Council members:
   Sue Baker
   Dave Edblom
   Adam Marks
   ArMand Nelson
   Haeli Pettis
   Loren Slette

Prayer Chain:  Babs Strom

Sunday School:  Kim Marks

Altar Guild:  Lynne Compton

Lectors:  Skipper Sironen

Ushers:  Phil Strom

Sunshine Ministry (cards):  Carol Surine

Women of the ELCA/French River:  Carolyn Marino & Babs Strom