Called by the Spirit
At French River Lutheran Church, every member is assigned to a Service Team, and each month a different Service Team is in charge of providing Coffee Fellowship after the worship service on Sunday.  If you're not on the team assigned for a particular Sunday and would like to host, please contact the team captain.  Teams rotate months each year, moving one month prior from when they last served (for example, the team serving in March moves to February as a new year begins).

Grounds keeping is done on a volunteer basis.  Please use the sign-up posted in the narthex.


  Contact the office at 525-5659 or with schedule changes.  Thank you.
Service Team Captain Month   Volunteer Contacts Staff
Bethlehem Loren & Patti Slette      
July '20 Council:  
President- Ken Peterson
Vice-President- Sue Oberg-Martin
Secretary- Steve Baker    
Canaan Mary Ann Sironen  
Nov '20 Bell Choir Director Elda Hein
Damascus Carol Surine                    525-4426 Feb '20 Choir Director Paul Peterson
Emmaus Joan Kuettel                    391-7680 Sep '20 Prayer Chain: 
Babs Strom    525-6200
Carolyn Marino   525-6431
Custodian Doug Compton
Galilee Cheryl Moe                     525-5011
Bonnie Smrstick             525-2683
Apr '20 Financial Secretary Denise Endicott
Hebron Lynne Compton              525-1226              Aug '20 Organists David Fiebiger,
Mary Ann Sironen
Jericho Sue Baker                         525-4706 Mar '20 Sickness & Sympathy: 
Carol Surine    525-4426
Parish Nurse  
Jerusalem Barbara McNickol          525-5417 May '20 Sunday School Coordinators: 
Beth Hendrickson     218-349-5426
Kim Marks    701-361-5753
Secretary Tiffany Lefler
Jordan Kay Libby                          390-3281 June '20 Treasurer
Barb Jackson
Shelly Peterson
Nazareth Carolyn Marino              525-6431 Oct '20 WELCA: 
Carolyn Marino   525-6431
Babs Strom   525-6200
Samaria Elda Hein                         525-9560 Jan '20 
Dec '20
Altar Guild:   
Lynne Compton    525-1226                      
Skipper Sironen  525-2010
Phil Strom     525-6200