Called by the Spirit
At French River Lutheran Church, every member is assigned to a Service Team, and each month a different Service Team is in charge of a few basic tasks: lawn mowing or snow shoveling - depending on the season - and providing Coffee Fellowship after the worship service on Sunday.


Called by the Spirit   June 2019
Date Coffee Fellowship Ushers Lector Acolyte      Min. Asst. *Communion Asst. & Counter Special Music
2 McNickol, Eckman & Andrews Rex & Elda Hein Phil Strom needed   *Michelle Libby & Peggy Carlson David Fiebiger 
9 VBS kick-off, McNickol, Eckman & Andrews Wayne & Peggy Dahlberg Molly Hoeg Lydia   *Wayne Dahlberg & Denise Carlson  
16 Poe, Bergerson & Poe-Johnson Phil Strom & Friends Peggy Dahlberg Liz   *Kathy Pierson & Ken Peterson  
23 Clark & Leslie Peterson Bob & Barb Jackson Kathy Croyle Thomas   *Clark Peterson & Kevin Stroom Phil Strom 
30   Loren & Patti Slette Beth Luikart     *Ken Peterson & Jim Dahlberg G. Hunter
  Contact the office at 525-5659 or with schedule changes.  Thank you.
Service Team Captain Month   Volunteer Contacts Staff
Bethlehem Loren & Patti Slette      
Aug. ‘19 Council:   President- Kevin Stroom      218-821-2642
          Vice-President- Ken Peterson                     
               Secretary- Peggy  Carlson                
Pastor Pr. Mark Peters
Canaan Mary Ann Sironen        
Jan. ‘19 & Dec. '19 & Nov. '20 Bell Choir Director Elda Hein
Damascus Carol Surine                     525-4426 March ‘19 Choir Director Paul Peterson
Emmaus Joan Kuettel                    391-7680 Oct. ‘19 Prayer Chain:  Babs Strom                         525-6200
                         Carolyn Marino                  525-6431
Custodian Fred Poe
Galilee Cheryl Moe                     525-5011
Bonnie Smrstick              525-2683
May ‘19 Financial Secretary Denise Endicott
Hebron Lynne Compton              525-1226              Sept. ’19 Organists David Fiebiger,
Mary Ann Sironen
Jericho Sue Baker                         525-4706 April ‘19 Sickness & Sympathy:  Carol Surine         525-4426 Parish Nurse  
Jerusalem Barbara McNickol           525-5417 June ‘19 Sunday School Coordinator:
                        Angel Poe-Johnson             834-7123
Secretary Sue Baker
Jordan Kay Libby                          390-3281 July ‘19 Treasurer
Barb Jackson
Shelly Peterson
Nazareth Carolyn Marino              525-6431 Nov. ’19   WELCA:  Carolyn Marino 525-6431;
                    Babs Strom 525-6200
Samaria Elda Hein                          525-9560 Feb. '19 Altar Guild:     Lynne Compton                 525-1226                      
  Lector:                    Carol Surine                 525-4426
Usher:                     Phil Strom                    525-6200